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Teman tapi Mesra

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today storie morrie..

in the morning....odw turun bwh nk g klas..jeng..jeng..jeng..
i saw something!!! WHAT??? someone wore 'Baju Kurung' same as mine but i didn't bought here..huuuuhhh, we will look as TWIN if i wear mine 'Baju Kurung' too..haha
this is the look of that 'Baju Kurung' same as that gurl wore it dis monink:

it's really same!!!! lucky i didn't bought here....

Here have another story i wanted to share with all of you...READY!
i already registered for my BM class.then i go straight to that class with my friends (but their appeal is not approved). My instinct very strong saying that i will in the same class with "someone" ...O.M.G and there is no one I recognize that can be in group with me. so, i decided to drop that BM class and just take it next semester with my SUGUS team^^. lucky for me coz i'm not stayed in the same class with "someone". I don't know what will happened if I in that class alone!
even maybe nothing will happened but I really not comfortable with it.

~so the moral of the story is I'm just a LUCKY gurl today for this moment and all happened accidently. in Malay song: "suratan atau kebetulan".

THE ENDAlign Right
*i'm just practicing my english..so, please forgive me if U can't understand my words..hihi

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