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Saturday, January 22, 2011

get my SPIRIT back ^^

After listened to others experienced about their life's journey to be success...i'm thinking Y i can't be like them??? i really need to changed myself to be more better in my life!!! i need to struggle, study smart, improve my english, need to be an active student in d class+tutorial..hmmm, but my problem rite now is i'm afraid to ask question even i have a lot of question to ask..this is bcoz i'm scared my question is such a stupid question..that's Y i'm not asking.How i want to get the strength?? but after I attened d programmed for pointer 2.5 and below student, i really motivated+ i need to applied it into myself.so, from now on..i deactive my FB acc. then i will try my best to speck in english with my friends and lecturer. I really hope i can change myself and give more effort for this semester. Hopefully I get 3.00 and above for my GPA this semester, so it will make me happy.

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