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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Watch Movie

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010:

wooo...wat a bad dream!!! dream become real! really scary movie...i watch that movie alone bcoz i really bored and i don't want to influenced other people to be like me..hihihih..juz to take a break 4 a while. after watching that movie, i feel scared to get asleep..it's really effect me..hihi.next movie..jeng..jeng..jeng

Edward Scissorshands:

this movie is an old movie but it is such an interesting story...He have a creative idea to make the tree in a variety design..what a wonderful person ^^. poor him bcoz he can't live as a normal person. He is an innocent person. He got his own feelings and he such a great man even he is not finished..

*both story was an interesting story!!! i really enjoyed it. thanks to Vejaya Letchumie and Lily Jaranee because they gave me this movie..hehehe =)

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